Saturday, June 26, 2010

The turning point:

The turning point is usually a minor but slightly jarring incident, initiated by some force of nature that cannot be blamed or scolded - like gravity or sleeplessness or wind.  That last specification is very important.  In order to send you into truly batshit crazy hysterics, the final straw must cause anger that cannot rationally be directed outward in any way.

 Your worn patience plus the inability to blame anything for your misery causes a chain reaction to take place inside of you.

The rage enters your body, but cannot exit through either the blame or personal responsibility pathways. It therefore must travel to the very center of you where it will fester and eventually rupture. 

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Thanks for reading my post!
-Age 20
-My Birthdate, 14 June
-Start using blog sbb saya nk berkongsi sesuatu dgn blogger-blogger yang lain n isi mse yang terluang
-This is my first blog in my life, so need someone ajarkan..:))
-College poly Tech MARA KL student
-Study in Course Diploma Business in Information Techniology for 3 years
-Sekarang dah 2 tahun.
-mcm x caye dah msuk sem 5
-1 July dah nk msuk kolej balik
-Cuak dowh :(
-Dah lah result x brapa hot sgt
-I'm a nice guy (:P) from Kajang
-Such a simple guy from outside look but i'm much more in inside 
-Focus in study 
-Unpredictable( yeah sometimes) :P 
-Smooth talker 
-Fun to play with 
-Height 5 foot and 3 tall 
-Body Average (hope my body weight will going down) :)
-Love simple thing but useful and compact inside

Welcome to ED mystery life LOL.

Walking on the water! thinking about that girl( LOL)

My 19th birthday! Celebrate with My family. One of the Sweet Memories!

Prod by Pejol aka Faizul Hanif.

Welcome to Nightmare! hehe :P

All above is about me, i think.. if u think different bout me, juz leave comment. okay? :)
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